Commlite cm-EF-FX Booster Auto Focus Lens


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Compatible with Canon EF-mount series lenses to be used on digital cameras that compatible with EF-M lens.

0.71x Focal Reducer Booster

CM-EF-EOSM Booster can increase one great of an aperture to blur the background and better highlight the theme. Built-in optical correction group, when using the adapter, the focus of the lens should be multiplied by 0.71, then multiplied by 1.5(the focus multiplier), is the lens’ actually equivalent focus.

Auto Focus Function&Aperture Control

CM-EF-EOSM Booster with steady, fast and smooth autofocus, let you easy to shoot in the face of fleeting beauty. You can also adjust the aperture of EF lens by control camera body.

USB Firmware Upgrading

Built-in USB Firmware upgrading port, it supports USB firmware upgrading, and CM-EF-EOSM Booster’s function or bugs can be improved through subsequent upgrade.

EXIF Signal Transmitting

Metal PIN can realize EXIF info Transmission,metal electronic contacts, greatly enhance its conductivity, to effectively transport EXIF info.”



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