HINISO AB-21C Dry Cabinet


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Product Description

Rapid Dehumidification

Dry Cabinet by HINISO has thermoelectric cooling technology (also referred as semiconductor) which is quick, quiet, heatless and therefore protects your items from moisture, moth, mildew, rust, dust, mold, fungus, rust, oxidation, warping and etc.

Safe & Economica

This camera lens storage is one of the safiest dry boxes available – it has safe direct current input therefore there is no leakage risks and potential fire danger. Moreover, you can place this camera dry box in your bedroom or babyroom without worrying about the radiation.

Built-In Hygrometer In High Accuracy Humidity Control

Our camera dry cabinet has humidity sensor which offers accurate humidity control with ±5% differs.You can control the relative humidity level inside this camera lens storage in the range of 25% to 60%.

Easy To Use

This dry dehumidification cabinet box begins to work the same second the power is supplied. It has adjustable shelves for easy storage and retrieval.

Wide Application

This dry camera lenses storage box has wide application as it may help you to preserve items such as: paintings, paper money, stamps, old books, leather, antiques, musical instrument, camera lenses, cameras, teas, tobacco, precious metals, jewelry, electrical components and etc. Simply place your valuables in the cabinet. and set at the correct humidity level.



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