Comica CVM-WM100 Professional Omnidirectional


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Working Distance Up to 100M

The CVM-WM100 wireless microphone can realize 100 meters smooth dynamic recording without any staccato in open area, breaking the distance limit in recording field.

Lattice LCD Display, High Resolution

CVM-WM100 wireless microphone adopt LCD screen for the manufacturing,all the font and icon on the screen are crystal clear with broad viewing angle.In addition, LCD screen is very energy saving, which is very helpful for reducing the power consumption of the device, and the display effect is excellent.

Real-time Audio Monitoring at Receiver End

With the real-time monitoring function, you can test whether it is working normally during recording. CVM-WM100 Brings you more professional and convenient recording.

RF Signal Strength Adjusted in Transmitter End

According to different recording requirements, WM100 has different RF signal strengths. When working distance is within 60 meters, you can switch to low strength mode, which can help to reduce power consumption for longer standby time; when working distance is long,you can switch to high strength mode to help to get clear recording.

Wide Compatibility & UHF 48-Channels microphone

CVM-WM100 wireless microphone utilizes UHF wireless technology. It comes with 48 channels in total. With standard configuration of one 3.5mm camera connection cable and one camcorder connection cable; it can be easily installed on cameras and camcorders through the cold-shoe jack. Moreover, it can also match smart phones with a TRRS adapter.”



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