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“The A1005 Aluminum Tripod with Y-10 Ball Head from Sirui is a 5-section tripod that weighs 2.7 lb. The aluminum legs fold a full 180° in reverse to make it a compact 14″”. With the center column fully extended, the tripod can reach a maximum working height of 55.1″”. Additionally, with a load capacity of 22 lb, this tripod is suitable for a pro DSLR with a large telephoto lens.

The hook at the bottom of the center column enables you to hang a small sandbag or camera bag to stabilize the tripod. Plus, variable leg-angles allow the tripod to have a minimum height of 10.2″”, and the center column is also reversible to let you get even closer to the ground. Sometimes a tripod is not allowed in certain areas because space is limited. That is when a useful feature comes into play–the tripod’s leg detaches and converts into a monopod. You can increase the height of this monopod by attaching the center column to it.

The included Y-10 Ball Head is Arca-type compatible and comes equipped with a quick release plate. It also has a knob-style lock for the clamp, and two separate knobs control the movement of the ball and 360° panning base. In addition, with the ball head’s single-cut notch, the camera can be placed in a 90° angle.

The 2.7 lb tripod has a maximum height of 55.1″”, a minimum height of 10.2″”, and a load capacity of 22 lb
The aluminum legs have 5-sections and the legs fold in reverse to a compact 14″”
Weight and stability can be increased on the support by adding a small sand bag or camera bag to the hook located at the bottom of the center column.

The tripod’s detachable leg converts into a monopod and the height is increase when the leg is attached to the center column
The Y-10 Ball Head has separate knobs for the pan and tilt, and a single cut notch for a 90° angle position of the camera
In the Box
Sirui A1005 Aluminum Tripod with Y-10 Ball Head
Drawstring Case
Spring Hook
Wrist Strap
Reversible 1/4″”-20 / 3/8″”-16 Mounting Stud
Quick Release Plate



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Weight 1.22 kg
Dimensions 16.05 × 4.9 × 4.3 cm


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