WOLFBOX 3 Channel Mirror Dash Cam


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Three Channel Dash Cam Mirror

The triple channel mirror camera offers a 170° front camera, 140° inside camera, and 150° rear camera record simultaneously to provide all-around protection for your cars. Detached front and rear dual cameras allow you flexible installing them on the windshield to make sure the view not be blocked by other devices.

Advanced WDR Technology

Equip with Wide Dynamic Range(WDR) technology, G880 can effectively adjust the exposure time of the photosensitive chip, the image or video will not be overexposed by other headlights. The dashcam mirror camera can accurately capture the plate numbers even when the surrounding is dark. The anti-glare full touch screen can eliminate the glare and present a clear picture even under strong sunlight.

Seamless Loop Recording & G-Sensor

Loop recording will overwrite the oldest videos when the memory card is full and make sure the rearview mirror camera is continuous recording, built-in G-sensor locks the emergency accident videos and protects them from being overwritten which can be used as accident evidence.

24H Parking Monitor & Reversing Assistance

Just install WOLFBOX hardwire kit(Please tell us if you need it) to active the parking monitor mode, it supports recording time-lapse videos when parking. The guidelines will be shown automatically on the rearview when reversing after connecting the red wire of the back up camera to the positive pole of the reverse light.

12 Months Customer Care

We provide 12 months of customer care for all WOLFBOX products, and we promise 24/7 online service. you can email our support team any time day, or night with any concerns and suggestions, we will answer any of your questions and resolve arising issues fast.



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