Commlite CM-EF-EOSM Booster Canon EF to EOS M Camera


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Product Description


0.71x Focal Reducer Booster

Reduce focal length, increase the aperture and light. Built-in USB Port for Compatibility Upgrading: Support USB port for updating new function or fixing bugs.

Support EXIF Information Transmitting

Metal pin can realize effecient EXIF information transmitting. Support Auto-Focus Function: Fast and stable auto-focus function makes your shooting more clear.

Electronic Aperture Control

Adjustable exact aperture dial makes your shooting more professional. Support IS Image Stabilization Function: The picture can be clear as usual in moving scene.

Gold-plated Contacts, 1/4 Inch Detachable Foot Stand

Gold-plated contacts with great conductivity, detachable foot stand is convenient for connection with tripod and other supports.

Superior Material

Made of high quality aluminum alloy, powerful, durable and stable, with delicate design.”



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Dimensions 11.18 × 9.96 × 5.79 cm


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